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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Earn Money by Blogging (For New Bloggers)

Creating Blogs is a great way to share views, ideas thoughts and opinions of one's, rather than that they are a viable way to earn nice and flowing money. Actually, making money by blogging is something just about anyone can do. Making money with a blog is totally dependent on your readers and the attractiveness of your advertisements. Blogs are simple to set up, and relatively easy to update. As there are so many competitors available you have to be different than others to make reader eager to read your contents.

If you are ready to take your step to earning money online and you have a small budget or nothing, blogging is great way to go. You can join link exchange programs, affiliate programs, free advertising programs and advertise on your blog. The only cost you have to pay is your time when you consider doing blogging.
There are numerous ways to make money through you blog provided that it having a good number of readers or good number of traffic. The following is not all the ways but you can start of it to earning your revenue through your blog.


Direct earning options including earning money from your blog directly and that is advertising.
Advertising is the mostly use way of monetizing a blog or a website. It is up to the Blogger to where to put ads and what kind of ads. The most popular advertising campaign is Google's AdSense there are several other advertising campaigns are available as, and which can be used for the same.
There are lots of varieties and types of advertising, from banners links, textual ads and pop-ups to full page ads. You will be thinking of making lots of advertising on blog will generate more money, but wait a moment you should start with one or two and then as per the response you can go for more numbers. The advertisement can be categorized as,

1. Banner Advertising: These are the traditional graphical ads which will you find on every now on then on websites you visit. These ads show texts and pictures. These ads can  be bought and served up by an advertising company or can be bought as a private deal between the advertiser firm and blogger. Banners are always eye catchy and they can make visitor to make it read.
2. Textual advertising: Textual ads do not have graphics or any pictures, just text and a link behind the text. They are extremely popular with advertisers as they take very small amount of space and does not distract the readers. The important thing is that some of the contextual ad providers provides facilities of dynamic link advertises as suppose if you search for site for Domains then the all text advertises will appear with domain related ads.
3. Text Link Advertising: The catch of these ads is that they don’t take up much space, and that depending upon the system you choose to run them, you can have control over which advertisers you accept and reject.
4. Sponsorship Advertising: If your blog is making good traffic then the sponsors would be eager to do advertising on your blogs. In most cases it is consists of showing banners for a certain amount of time, as for a day or a week, showing logos in the header or sidebar of your blog.
5. Product Selling: You can do direct product selling trough your blog by tying up with the online product selling companies like, etc to make you small percentage of commission if somebody buys a product through your blog.

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