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Friday, 27 January 2012

Best of Computer Tricks : Hide Files in picture

Best of  Computer Tricks : Hide Files in picture

You may have used DOS's command line copy method but you might not have know that we can use Copy command to hide our files behind any picture or any other files. The following post will show you how to hide important files behind any picture or wallpaper.

We will need Win RAR  installed for following trick.
  1. Create a RAR of files which you have to hide. ex. "my-files.rar".
  2. Take a picture/wallpaper you want your files to be hidden behind. ex. "lady-gaga.jpeg"
  3. Move both files(myfiles.rar and wallpaper) in a temporary folder; say "d:\temp".
  4. Open command prompt and make your prompt to path "d:\temp>".
  5. Then type following command Carefully;
  6. "copy /b lady-gaga.jpeg + my-files.rar output.jpeg" without quotes, and press enter.
  7. This command will make output.jpeg by combining both lady-gaga.jpeg and my-files.rar files.
  8. If you double click on output file it will open the picture associated with it, i.e lady-gaga.jpeg here, and if you want to open your rar files just open the output files with win-rar application.

Keep Visiting for more Tricks.

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  1. really cool and interesting trick..can u post more of these?