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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Create Fake File In Xp : Method 2

Create Fake File In Xp : Method 2

note : you will require to have admin rights.

This is another way to create fake file in windows xp. you can create file of any size you want.

1 : open cmd.
2 :  "c:\fsutil file createnew c:\ 102450000 "

By the above code u can create a file which name xyz .
You can use any extension you want (on the place 'xyz') followed by file size(in byte).102450000 nearly 100MB.

fsutil other commands

behavior : Control file system behavior
dirty : Manage volume dirty bit
file : File specific commands
fsinfo : File system information
hardlink : Hardlink management
objectid : Object ID management
quota : Quota management
reparsepoint : Reparse point management
sparse : Sparse file control
usn : USN management
volume : Volume management

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